List Of Projects

Completed Projects

# Client Project description Project value 106 Rials Scope of work
1 Siporex Company Feasibility study of Abyek sand & lime production line 3,000 F
2 Siporex Company Feasibility study of Sandlime brick Production factory 6,000 F
3 Siporex Company Technical study for the completion of Precast panel production line (ITONG) 7,000 O
4 Modern Iran Company Sandlime brick production factory in Hamidieh, Ahwaz with a Capacity of 300,000 bricks per day 6,000 DE-CS
5 Defense Industrial Organization Repair shop of heavy machinary in Dorud 25,000 O-DE-CS
6 Ministry of Heavy Industries Feasibility study for the production of seamed steel pipes - F
7 Ministry of Heavy Industries Feasibility study for the production of seamless steel pipes - F
8 Defense Industrial Organization Zarrin Shahr complex water treatment plant with a capacity of 2.5 cubic meter per second 8,000 O-DE-CS
9 Defense Industrial Organization Zarrin Shahr complex water distribution network & water elevated tanks 6,000 BE-DE-CS
10 Defense Industrial Organization Emergency water treatment package for Zarrin Shahr complex 500 BE-DE-CS
11 Defense Industrial Organization Waste water network & treatment plant of Alcohol factories in Zarrin Shahr complex 4000 DE-CS
12 Defense Industrial Organization Commissioning & start-up of Zarrin Shahr complex pump station with a capacity of 3 cubic meters per second at 100 meter head 3000 PM
13 Ministry of Housing Water supply to the new city of Majlessy 5000 BE-DE
14 Defense Industrial Organization Personnel training of Zarrin Shahr complex pump station - O
15 National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) Electricity supply to the water treatment plant of Maroon & Chamnezami and related water supply pump stations 6000 DE
16 Pars Metal Factory Preparation of supplementary design documents and project management of the installation of moulding line with a cpacity of 1000 tons per year 5000 DE-PM
17 Ministry of Housing Temporary water supply to the new city of Majlessy 2,000 BE-DE-PM
18 National Bank of Iran Feasibility study of a plant to produce malleable parts for Atmosphere Company 5000 F
19 Shohada Hoveizeh Company Sandlime brick producing plant with a capacity of 400,000 bricks per day 6000 BE-DE
20 Gillan Pulp and Paper Mill Optimization of electricity network of Chooka pulp and paper factor - O
21 Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company Cooling system of foundry moulding sand 3000 BE-DE
22 Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company Drying and feeding system of foundary fresh sand 4000 BE-DE
23 Coobankar Company High-strength bolt production company with a capacity of 1,000 tons per year 8,000 BE-DE-CS
24 Defense Industries Organization Infrastructure of Haft-e-Tir industrial complex 5,000 BE-DE
25 Tachan Commpany Used engine oil refining factory (infrastructure & buildings) 3,000 BE-DE
26 Farachin Qeshm Company Steel structures of fume treatment plant and fume deduction of Almahdi aluminum complex 4,000 BE
27 Farachin Qeshm Company Feasibility study and basic design of Kaveh industrial city in Qeshm - F
28 Farachin Qeshm Company Suction unloader and alumina handling system in Bandar Abbas 1,000 BE-DE
29 Calsimin Company Material handling and storage of mineral substances 2,000 BE-DE
30 Ministry of Mines & Metals Feasibility study on heavy diesel engine manufacturing company 120,000 F
31 Ministry OF Mines & Metals Alloy steel producing factory with a capacity of 140,000 tons per year 120,000 BE-DE-CS-O
32 Ministry Of Mines & Metals Feasibility study on Sangan iron ore mines - F
33 Ministry Of Heavy Industries Heavy diesel engine manufacturing company with a capacity of 270 engines per year 120,000 BE-DE-CS
34 Machine Sazey Iran Lime production plant for alloy steel project in Yazd 5,000 BE-DE
35 Regional Electricity Company Of Yazd Engineering consultancy on repair of foundations of 63Kv transmission line towers between Yazd and Ardakan - O
36 Ministry Of Agriculture Shoeybieh sugar factory 60,000 BE-DE-CS
37 Ministry Of Agriculture Sugar loading & unloading system for sugar storage 4,000 BE-DE-CS
38 Taba Company Factory for production of hard metal cutting tools 20,000 BE-DE-CS
39 Technican Company Mechanical & electrical equipment of painting hall of pars Khodro company 400,000 BE-DE-CS
40 Itrac Company Laboratory and research center for vehicles parts 20,000 BE-DE
41 Ministry of Agriculture Industrial site of Shoeybieh sugar factory 50,000 BE-DE-CS
42 Ministry of Agriculture Industrial sites of Amir Kabir and Mirza Koocheckkhan Sugar Factory 100,000 BE-DE-CS
43 Ministry of Agriculture Mirza Koocheckkhan sugar factory 60,000 BE-DE-CS
44 Ministry of Agriculture Salman Farsi Sugar Factory 60,000 BE-DE-CS
45 Central Bank of Iran Special Paper Mill (TAKAB) 80,000 BE-DE-CS
46 Gharb Paper Company Pulp & Paper production plant 15,000 BE-DE-CS-O
47 Fulmen Company Civil & structural design of 18 Substations (400 & 230KV) in different parts of Iran 100,000 DE
48 Azar Glass Company Float Glass Factory 80,000 BE-DE-CS
49 Parto-Mapna Turbine Blade manufacturing plant 85,000 BE-DE-CS
50 Saman-Cement Company Cement plant with the capacity of 7000 TPD 450,000 BE-DE-CS
51 Tuga-Mapna Turbo-Compressor Manufacturing Plant 720,000 BE-DE-CS-O
52 Mapna Boiler Power house Boiler manufacturing Plant 650,000 BE-DE
53 Ministry of Agriculture Industrial sites of Amir Kabir and Mirza Koocheckkhan Sugar Factory 100,000 BE-DE-CS
54 Parto Company Plant to manufacture gas turbine blades 85,000 BE-DE-CS
55 Sina Glass Company Plant to produce neutral glass for pharmaceutical industries 50,000 BE-DE-CS
56 Polyacryl Company Plant to produce glass fiber reinforced PET 15,000 DE-CS
57 Fulad Gostar Company Alloy steel bar mill 100,000 BE-DE-CS
58 Polyacryl Company Sea port terminal for unloading / loading and storage of chemicals 30,000 BE-DE
59 Sahand Jam Tabriz Wired glass mill 80,000 DE-CS
60 Cane Sugar Factories Extension of sugar storages for 7 sugar factories 200,000 BE-DE
61 Esfahan Iron-Ref. Co. Extension of Production halls 180,000 BE-DE
62 Yazd Alloy Steel Plant Melting / Casting Shop Second extension 100,000 BE-DE-CS
63 Parto-Mapna Turbine Blade manufacturing Plant Second extension 760,000 BEO-DE-CS
64 Sangan Iron Ore (1) 5 MTPY Pelletizing Plant 1,500,000 DE
64 Crouse Co. Plant no.2 to manufacture Automobile Parts 400,000 BE-DE-CS
64 Semnan S.C. Co. Extension of Sodium Carbonate Plant 100,000 BE-DE
64 Azaran Co. Gol-e-Gohar Pelletizing Plant 1,000,000 BE-DE
64 Sahand Jam Co. Float Glass Manufacturing Plant 200,000 BE-DE
64 Crouse Co. Plant no.3-Storage & Amenity Bldgs 300,000 BE-DE
64 Sangan Iron Ore (2) 5 MTPY Pelletizing Plant 1,500,000 DE

F: feasibility study     BE: basic engineering      DE: detailed engineering CS: construction supervision    PM: project management   O: other services