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knowhow Industrial Consulting Engineers was established in November 1981 and was registered in Tehran Companies Registration and Industrial Property Office under No. 42943 dated 11/9/1360. The subject of the statute of these consulting engineers is to perform services and studies in the stages of identification, technical and economic justification of projects, engineering services of the first, second, and third stages (superior supervision and factory) of administrative, commercial, residential, industrial units and complexes and providing services of three stages. In the field of electrical and mechanical installations in the specialties of architecture, basic services, and power industries, as well as supervising the good execution and performance of consulting services in the period of commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the mentioned specialties. (Subject of the articles of association and amendments dated 02/18/1361). According to the new by-laws of the Council of Ministers to determine the qualifications of consulting engineers, the specialization (rank) and the basis of the obtained qualifications of these consulting engineers (based on Sajat website and letter No. 85357 dated 09/18/2013, which is the image of the President’s strategic supervision). It is as follows: – First grade of a specialty of residential, commercial, office, industrial, and military buildings – First grade of a structural specialty – First grade of a specialty in installations, electricity, and mechanics -Third-grade specialties of basic metals industries (rolling, smelting, and casting) and machining of Knowhow Industrial Consulting Engineers is a member of the Iranian Society of Consulting Engineers

Qualification obtained

The qualification obtained from the date of establishment of the company to the above stage is as follows

These consulting engineers on behalf of the Program and Budget Organization based on the circulars: No. 55 / 5600–108820 (dated 08/07/1363), No. 55 / 8181-12440-1 (dated 1364/11/04), No. 55 / 8899- 13560–1 (dated 10/12/1365) and No. 55 / 268–586-1 (dated 1/20/1368)

He was recognized as competent in the field of industries and forces and then based on the rules and subsequent divisions of the Management and Planning Organization in Circular No. 2255-939 / 50-102 dated 1374/03/17 of that organization, Noha Industrial Consulting Engineers in the field of metal industries. The consultant was recognized as qualified with 3 ranks and 1 degree, the minimum and maximum suitable work of which was 15,900 and 49,900 million Rials and the number of authorized jobs was 6. The qualifications of these consulting engineers in the field of construction were also confirmed in the same circular. In Circular No. 50 / 8777-105 / 1911 dated 31/05/1375, the minimum and maximum suitable work of this consultant was increased to 21,300 and 67,200 million Rials.

On 04/03/2004, the Honorable Council of Ministers approved a new by-law for determining the qualifications of consultants. Dated 25/06/2006 Tehran Management and Planning Organization, succeeded in obtaining qualifications in the following fields:

– First Grade of a specialty of residential, office, commercial, industrial and military buildings

– First Grade of a structural specialty

– First Grade of a specialty of basic metals industries (smelting, rolling, casting) and machine building



The scope of Knowhow services

Technical and economic studies (feasibility study)

These studies are started with the knowledge of the employer’s initial ideas about the project in question and continue with market studies, production process review, determination of required equipment and machinery, determination of production building, support, ancillary, and services. Then the initial investment costs, working capital, cost price, and other economic parameters are calculated and the results of Hyphene and economic studies and consultant recommendations are announced to the employer.

Find Location

Taking into account the technical, economic, social considerations, as well as the views of the employer, several suitable locations for the project in the country, province, or region, are identified and the best option is offered to the employer.

Planning for project implementation

According to the goals, limitations, and facilities of the employer, different methods of project implementation are examined and the most appropriate method is proposed, so that based on funding and credits, various stages of engineering studies, procurement, selection can be done. Competent builders and contractors took action and implemented the project.

Basic engineering studies (first stage engineering services)

These studies are presented based on the description of services compiled by the Management and Planning Organization of the country for preliminary engineering studies (engineering studies of the first stage) and include the following briefly.

Detailed engineering studies and preparation of executive plan (second stage engineering services)

These studies are based on the approved documents and reports of basic engineering studies and the description of services compiled by the Management and Planning Organization for the second phase of engineering studies and include the following:

Check the results of soil mechanical tests, surveys, etc.
Performing technical calculations and preparing executive plans of architecture, structures, mechanical installations, electrical installations, and landscaping
Preparation of public and private technical specifications (if required)
Preparing cost estimates for operations based on the latest price indexes of the Management and Planning Organization by the relevant instructions
Prepare work schedule
Preparation of engineering studies reports of the second stage, which is presented in the form of contract documents and tender documents and includes the contract form, general contract conditions, private contract conditions (if required), technical specifications, list of values ​​and prices, general work schedule, plan Executive orders and invitations to participate in the tender are by the approved samples

In industrial projects, detailed engineering studies should also be performed based on information obtained from technology engineering studies and specifications and equipment needs, and production line processes.

Cooperation with the employer to conduct engineering studies in the field of the production process, technology, and selection of product lines and vendors, manufacturers, and machinery
  • Relying on their experiences in dozens of large and small industrial projects, which are described in the following sections of this letter, these consulting engineers are ready to perform basic engineering studies and detailed technical engineering studies, determine the production process, and select production lines. Sellers and manufacturers of equipment and machinery, contract preparation, contract negotiations, etc., according to the needs and desires of the employer, cooperate with them.

Performing engineering services in the execution phase (engineering services of the third phase)

These services are also provided according to the rules of the country’s management and planning organization and its outlines are as follows:

Cooperation in conducting tenders with the employer includes preparing tender documents and invitations, preparing a list of qualified contractors and builders to be invited to tender, reviewing the qualifications of contractors and builders bidding to participate in the tender, answering tender participants’ questions, requesting tender extension If necessary, participate in the tender commission and cooperate with the members of the tender commission, technical and economic evaluation of the received bids and preparation of reports required by the employer in this regard, completion of the winning contract and taking necessary measures to notify the contractor by the employer. The workshop includes reviewing the detailed schedule of the contractor, delivery of land to the contractor, review, and approval of materials and equipment provided by the contractor, review, and approval of workshop drawings, continuous monitoring of the implementation of work according to drawings and technical specifications, preparation Communicating the necessary agendas, preparing monthly progress reports, conducting the necessary correspondence with the contractor, commenting on new prices and offering fair prices to the employer, handling contractor claims, handling contract status Denial, the performance of temporary delivery and final delivery, assistance and joint efforts with the employer to agree and resolve the contractor’s claims and possible disputes, approval of the same construction plans, issuance of final delivery certificates and completion of works

Mission and vision of Knowhow

Adherence to professional ethics
Quality improvement and service innovation
Expand new horizons of activity
Increase the effectiveness of quality management system

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